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Online iPad Painting Courses
Here are some screenshots of some of the videos in the course
The iPad is the new canvas for artists.
You will learn how to paint on the iPad with ArtStudio.

Artists now can create art anywhere, anytime with their iPad .
The course will explain to you how to use ArtStudio and show you how to create an iPad painting of poppies.
It has 16 videos and 1 PDF Artist User Manual Guide (ArtStudio)
Course Description

This course will teach you how to paint beautiful painting on your iPad with ArtStudio. The course includes step by step videos explaining the layout of the ArtStudio and creating a painting of tropical fish in an aquarium. Through out the course you will learn all the features and how to apply them to your painting. You will learn how to use layers, create your own brushes, transform layers, and detail painting. All you need is an iPad and the ArtStudio app in iTunes. Once you finish this course you will be able to paint anywhere anytime with your iPad. It's the new canvas for artists. The course includes 16 videos. I would take the time and just relax and have fun. As a professional artist I know the more you paint you will feel positive with your results. Once you start painting with the iPad it will open your eyes to a new world