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   The iPad and iPhone are the new canvas for artist.

     I’ve spent years in my studio painting oils. As an oil painter, I work in a classical tradition style of glazing layers, which takes days for a painting to dry.

   With the iPhone  and iPad the painting comes to life before my eyes.  It’s all magical to me.

   Corliss Blakely

Corliss Blakely

252 So Main St

Saint Albans, VT 05478

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The iPad and iPhone are the new canvas for artists.

Artists now can create anywhere .

Corliss Blakely  iPad Artist

I give private lesson if you live in Vt.

I will be a visiting artist at

The Torpedo Factory Art Center

in Alexandria, VA

June 1 Thru July 27

Stop by my studio 27

I’m offering private classes.