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When I'm not painting on my iPad, I'm at my studio painting with oils.
I also use my iPad there!
The Forgotten Seeds Look Within
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Artist In Vermont
Corliss Blakely, an established professional artist and seventh generation Vermonter, paints still life and landscapes in a classically realist style. Corliss received her formal art training in Boston where she studied at the Vesper George Art School and The Museum School Of Fine Art.
Corliss is an internationally recognized artist for her work in several media, including watercolor, oil, and egg tempera. Her paintings hang in collections worldwide.
She is now also painting on the iPhone and iPad, which has "opened up a new world for artists," she says. "The world is changing and artists now have a new canvas to create on." Corliss has translated her meticulous sharp focus technique in oils to this new technology.
Corliss is one of many professional artists who are embracing the iPad. The iPad lets her create anywhere without the space requirements, supply expenses and toxic exposure of traditional media.
Corliss offers workshops in painting on the iPad with ArtStudio and Procreate.
She now has an online course: iPad Painting With ArtStudio.
Corliss is always available to answer questions about painting on the iPad.